School Cleanliness Reporting Form

Thank you for your hard work making sure we have a safe and great start to school. We know that keeping our buildings as clean as possible is key to ensuring we support a healthy environment. We want to hear from you throughout the year as we work towards ensuring we accomplish this goal. A few key pieces of information are below:

  • SMS was hired to provide disinfectant services in schools. This is in addition to the custodial services being provided by ABM and the focus of SMS is to ensure that high touch points are disinfected several times throughout the day. SMS has hired approximately 50 disinfectant specialists that are already working in some of our schools. We anticipate that they will be fully staffed soon.

  • ABM will continue to provide custodial services through the end of the 2020-2021 school year. An RFP for custodial services will be released this fall with the new contract being awarded in early 2021. We are working with ABM to improve the services that are being provided. Supervisors have adjusted their schedules to provide more oversight of night crews to ensure expectations are being met.

We want to ensure that your concerns with custodial services are being addressed and want you to feel comfortable expressing those concerns. We have created a google form that will allow you to anonymously submit specific concerns with the cleanliness of buildings. This will allow us to work with ABM and SMS to address your concerns. Someone will contact your school leadership within 48 hours to let the school know your concerns are being addressed.

Anonymous School Cleanliness Reporting Form

Thank you for helping us keep your learning environment clean and healthy.