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Recently,  the Related Arts teachers combined classes to complete the annual internet safety instruction.  Topics covered included identity and cyber-bullying.  Students were reminded that they should always ask an adult before going online. We cautioned to be careful with what they choose to post online. It is safer to reveal as little as possible about their identity is best. Students should never post their full name or address online.  If a site is asking for personal information then they should ask an adult before completing the form. In addition to discussing our identities, we also discussed cyberbullying as well as bullying in general. Students were instructed that if they ever feel bothered or upset by any communication that they recieve online then they should let a trusted adult know as soon as possible. When posting/chatting online students should THINK: is it thoughtful, is is helpful, is it important, is it necessary, and is it kind?  If it isn't then don't post it. 

Parents please take time to discuss internet safety with your children. Remind them that it is never acceptable to say unkind or untrue things about someone online.  Also, even though your child may want a Facebook or other Social Networking account, please wait.  Most Social Networking sites restrict users to those age 13 and over. if your child has an account then monitor it closely and make sure that you know those who your child is friends with online.  It is very easy to pretend to be someone you are not in an online envioronment.  If you have any questions please see someone on the Related Arts team.

Below are some Parent Resources for discussing internet safety with your child: