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Rachel Reynolds


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Circulation Policies

Students may borrow one book each week.  Books are due the following week.  If a student forgets to bring their library book, the student will be allowed to borrow one additional book.  Borrowing privileges are suspended if a student has 2 overdue books until at least one of the books is returned.

Kindergarten students keep their library books in the classroom.

We do not charge a fine for overdue books.  We do charge a fee for lost and damaged books.  This fee covers the cost of replacing the book.  


The librarian teaches an information literacy curriculum that is closely aligned with the Common Core State Standards.  The goal of this curriculum is to teach students the skills necessary to become successful lifelong learners.  A curriculum map is available upon request.  


C.U.B.S (Library Rules)

C-Come Ready

-Bring your library book(s)

-Enter quietly

U-Use Respect

-Listen Carefully

-Follow directions

-Use inside voices

-Be kind


B-Be Responsible

-Take care of books and materials


-Complete assignments and duties

S-Stay Safe

-Walking feet

-Sit appropriately in your chair