Mission Statement  

The Mission of Clifton Hills Elementary School is to create a learning environment that:

* Values the worth and dignity of every individual

* Prepares all students to score proficient or advanced on State Assessments

* Equips all students to become productive citizens

* Welcomes the greater community to participate in life-long learning

  About The School  


HIGH Expectations . . . NO Limitations

CHES School Pledge

Today is a new beginning and I can make a difference. I pledge:

To be responsible for my learning

To always be and do my best

To be respectful to myself and others

To be honest and truthful

As part of the Clifton Hills family, I will help keep the school clean and model good citizenship. When the day is done, I will take Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth with me to help make the world a better place.

School Colors and Mascot

CHES Colors are BLUE and Gold

CHES Mascot is the Bear Cub

C.U.B.S-School Rules

C-Come Ready

U-Use Respect

B-Be Responsible 

S-Stay Safe